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Translations , Notary Public & Apostille Services - VIALAN Document Agency
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Translation Services
Translations , Notary Public & Apostille Services - VIALAN Document Agency TRANSLATION SERVICES

    As a professional translation company, VIALAN cooperates with a network of over 700 native-speaking professionals with at least 5-7 years, up to 30 years of professional translation experience. We use translators with a proven record of accomplishment and solid technical understanding. All our translators translate into their mother tongue, which ensures that the end copy reads fluently and naturally. As a result, your professional translation from VIALAN delivers the level of quality you should expect from a professional translation company.

Languages offered
We are specializing in the following subject areas
How It Works
How long will your translation take?
How do you ensure confidentiality?

Languages offered

    We translate from and to more than 36 languages. No matter where in the world your documents originated, or are going, we can translate them for you.

Our TOP languages:

English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian, Greek, French, German, Bosnian, Serbian
Other languages:

Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Hebrew, Armenian, Bulgarian, Polish, Czech, Belarusian
More languages on request

We are specializing in the following subject areas:

  • Engineering and technology including:
    • Oil exploration
    • Mining
    • Oil and gas production
    • Chemical engineering
    • Biotechnology
    • Metallurgy and metal processing
    • Automobile production, repair and maintenance
    • Computer and information technologies
    • Computer software
  • Geology
  • Business management and development (agreements, contracts, proposals, business letters)
  • Legal documents (judicial decisions, summons, power of attorney, contracts)
  • Finances (accounting, income tax documents)
  • Building construction technology
  • Aviation
  • Medicine
  • Art/Literary
  • Marketing
  • Tourism and travel
  • WebPages
  • Ecology
  • Personal documents (Birth/Marriage/Divorce/Death certificates)
  • Diplomas


Literary/Business Translations from $0.08 to $0.13 per source word
Technical Translations from $0.13 to $0.17 per source word
Certified/Sworn /Notarized/ Translations $20.00 per document
- in addition to translation charge
- plus refund of expenses (mail, bank transfers)
Additional Fees From 10% to 50% - to be agreed each time for:
- special format (page layout, graphs, drawings, formulas, etc.)
- urgent jobs

    Reductions may be applied for long-term and high-volume jobs.
    Accurate estimates can be provided within 24 hours, after text viewing and evaluation.

Terms of payment Payments can be made by check, credit card, PayPal, bank transfer (excluding bank fees).

How It Works:

    To give you an accurate and timely quote, we request that you send a copy or original document in one of three ways:
  • The preferred way is to email the document as an attachment to Microsoft Word has proven to be the best software for this. However, most other software programs are acceptable.
  • Fax your documents to: 949-528-2566
  • Sent you document by mail or messenger to our office in Costa Mesa (Orange County, California):

    VIALAN Agency
    364 Seville Lane,
    Costa Mesa, CA 92627

    Quality of source text (Send us the best available copy. If you only have a second- or third-generation copy or fax, send us the text by overnight mail rather than fax. We cannot translate a text we cannot read; and, if we have to decipher poorly legible handwriting on a non-contrasting background, we will have to charge you for the time wasted)

Once your documents are received:

    We send you an e-mail verifying that we have received your materials. We will call you promptly to ascertain and verify various facts about your translation. Once we complete the evaluation of your project, we will provide a free detailed quote for your review.

    For the translation projects more than 7,000 words, we will ask you to read and sign the VIALAN Translation Agreement , and send it to us by mail. The wording of the actual contract will depend on the nature of the work.

    Alternatively, for short translations the client may send an e-mail stating that he/she understands the terms of the agreement.

How long will your translation take?

    For most language pairs, file types and terminology, VIALAN provides a standard turnaround of two business days on orders of up to 2000 words. Please allow an additional business day for every 1200-1500 words thereafter, unless we notify you otherwise. For example, a 3000 word translation would take 3 business days. For other turnaround requirements, please contact us.

How do you ensure confidentiality?

    Every VIALAN team member is under strict non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. Confidentiality paragraph is a part of VIALAN Translation Agreement.

Our essential core value is combining ultra competitive pricing with outstanding quality. We understand that each of our clients is important and our goal is complete satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

Disclaimer: The contents and services indicated in this web site do not intend to give legal advice of any kind. For legal inquiries please contact an Attorney or your local Bar Association
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