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VIALAN Translation Concepts
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Translations , Notary Public & Apostille Services - VIALAN Document Agency
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About Us

     Vialan is a language translation company based in California, USA. We provide a wide spectrum of professional language services including translation, localization and DTP. With a commitment to quality and on-time delivery, our certified and experienced translators will provide you with accurate and culturally appropriate translations.
    Our headquarters office is located in Newport Beach, California, where we see clients from most of Southern California: Los Angeles county, Orange county, San Diego county, Riverside county, San Bernardino county.
    We work with a worldwide network of translators experienced in their specific fields. If you need to translate your document from English to Spanish, for example, a professional translator located in Spain will work on your project. This assures that target text will be adapted for a specific country or region.
    When you use VIALAN Translation Service, rest assured you'll be getting translators not only native in the target language, but expert in your field of business as well. Our translations begin with linguistic excellence. Each of our translators undergoes an intensive screening process, which includes translation testing to evaluate professional level and qualifications. Translators are university-educated and highly trained language professionals. They often possess years of work experience in the subjects they specialize in, such as engineering, law, medicine, finance and other fields. All translation projects are proofread and processed under our internal quality control system.
    We pride ourselves on being the most accurate translation service provider for our clients, and we work hard to keep that reputation!

Document translations in the following fields:
Legal translations
(court orders, summons, complains)
Business translations
(contracts, proposals, agreements)
Technical translations
(engineering development, manuals,
Marketing translations
(brochures, catalogs, magazines)
Medical translations
(pharmaceutics, medical records, medical certificates)
Poetry and literature translations
(books, manuscripts)
Translations for educational establishments
(vital records, diplomas, school records, transcripts)
Translation for immigration
(USCIS, former INS).

Certified translation for immigration purposes (USCIS, former INS):
  • Birth certificate translation
  • Marriage certificate translation
  • Divorce certificate translation
  • Death certificate translation
  • Adoption decree translation

Certified translations for the Board of Registered Nursing and for the credential evaluation services:
  • Diplomas
  • School records
  • Transcript
  • Syllabus

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Translations , Notary Public & Apostille Services - VIALAN Document Agency
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The document translations are so professionally done! WOW!
My boss was fascinated by your guy's work! We will definitely refer back to you guys!
Thank you thank you thank you!

Best regards,
Innessa Khabovets
RFaxis Inc., Irvine, California

    "As the CEO of an international oil company, I often have the need for quick turnaround on apostile and notary services relating to documents in Russian and English. VIALAN's service has been stellar."

Robert VanDuren,
of Turan Petroleum, Inc.
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